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Evaluation of Educational Outcomes
Tool for Quality Management

Within the Quality Management plans of each school, the project aims at comparing and evaluating the impact of delivery of curriculum and assessment modes on school leavers.  The project will consider students’, parents’, and teachers’ expectations at the start of their final year in five European schools. The project will facilitate final year students  in sharing their expectations and  benchmarking their experiences  with their European counterparts. The project will also examine the expectations of the wider community on the capacities of schools to meet the needs of the business world. Having completed their secondary education, the students will evaluate the effectiveness of their educational experience in preparing them to meet the challenges of further studies or the working world. It is the intention of the schools to continue the project by tracking students’ progress one year after they have left school and two years after they have left school. By comparing the best practices in each of the schools, the project will assist in determining future improvement actions and enhance the quality of educational management and the experiences of students.

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